Kate Gerwin from the USA was crowned the winner of the Glassology by ONIS third edition, with her design The Glitch.

On November 6, six finalists presented their design and how it elevates the drinking experience, with a drink served in the replica of the glass they designed. After a tough judging session, the judges agreed that Kate Gerwin deserved the trophy.  

It was a close call, but there could be only 1 winner. Kate’s design showed that within the Glassology Design Contest, we can think outside of the box and re-invent classics, even in glassware,” said Nairi Mehrabi, LCGlass Marketing Director.   

Kate is a widely celebrated bartender and hospitality consultant from the USA, and owner of Happy Accidents bar in Albuquerque; she is well-known in the drinks industry for being the first woman world champion and is now the first woman to win Glassology by ONIS design contest.  

Kate describes her design, The Glitch, as alternative, unique, artful, and functional. Her inspiration came from Eero Aarnio, a designer known for his unique and functional designs.   

I am passionate about design which is different and playful, but at the same time functional. I love serving cocktails in a Collins glass with a clear, spherical ice cube. However, the standard cube can sometimes hide the cocktail’s color. The Glitch’s unique design allows the cube to slide down, preserving the drink’s integrity and showcasing its vibrant colors,” said Kate. 

As the winner, Kate will have her design taken into production with her signature to be sold all over the globe by ONIS, and will have an active role in promoting it. In addition, Kate will be a jury member during the next edition of the contest, receive 250 glasses of her design, and act as the Glassology by ONIS Ambassador at the renowned Bar Convent Brooklyn in 2024.  

As Kate states, “winning this competition is not only an honor but a dream. As bartenders, we always look for ways to make our drinks shine, and glassware is so important to our creative process. Having the opportunity to create my own design and see it produced for the world is indescribable. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the chance to compete with such incredible bartenders who are so talented. What an experience!” 

Congratulations, Kate, and a huge thank you to Andre Masso, Dor Ohana, Georgi Petrov, Sergej Platonovs, Yefry Avilera! 


Previous Editions

Robert Schinkel and Yochen Verbeeck, the previous Glassology winners, designed the unique Tulip Punch Bowl and The Gats glasses, respectively, setting the standards higher than ever for this year’s contestants.