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The power of the glass

Glassology brings it all together

A glass holds the power to make every drink truly special. The Glassology design contest is your opportunity to use your creativity, innovation and industry know-how to create the ultimate drinking experience – no glassmaking experience required.

Let's begin

From the start


FEBRUARY 2023 - MAY 2023

It all starts when you create your account. Register to access your own Glassology page, where you will enter your personal information and submit your design. Registration ends on May 31st.

Submit your design

FEBRUARY 2023 - MAY 2023

Time to put your idea to paper! Upload your sketch and a short explanation of your design. Remember to give your glass a memorable name!

Semifinalists announcement

June 2023

After registration closes, the Onis team will gather to review all entries and choose the semifinalists.


June and July 2023

Semifinalists will visit Onis sites in the Netherlands and Portugal to be inspired by Onis’s production possibilities and techniques. You’ll tour one of our glass plants and meet with our marketing and design teams to finalize your concept and drawing. Together, we will prepare your design for actual production in our factory.

Upload final design

August 2023

After the semi-finals you have the possibility to finalize your design with the knowledge you’ve gained during the presentations and the factory visit.

Finalists announcement

September 2023

After all final designs are uploaded, our industry-expert judges will select six contestants for the final.


November 2023

The finals will be held in Athens, Greece. There you’ll showcase your design and present the ultimate drinking experience. We’ll announce the winner at Athens Bar Show and whose glass will be produced and distributed to bars worldwide .

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