Meet the judges

Yochen Verbeeck

Yochen Verbeeck is the proud winner of Glassology 2nd edition, 2018, with its stunning design, The Gats. Yochen started bartending behind a summer bar in 2017 when he realized he wanted to become a full-time bartender. His first professional experience was in Cocktails at Nine, Antwerp, where he worked for 3 years. During covid, he decided to open his own bar with his best friend, the Hootch. One year after, they got their spot in the renowned Belgian Gault & Millau guide. Yochen loves to get challenged with new ingredients and get inspiration from the smallest and most meaningful moments of the day; the same happened with the inspiration of his winning concept design.  

Danil Nevsky

Danil Nevsky is a bartender, consultant and public speaker who addresses himself as The Independent Bartender. Danil is the Founder and CEO of Indie Bartender, a company solely committed to elevating the bar industry by supporting professionals, one at a time. He is a globe trotter currently living in Barcelona; his many international projects took him to travel and work in 11 different bars and 11 Countries. Nominated #3 among the Top 100 Most Influential in the Hospitality Industry 2022, and many more awards after, the main goal of his experience is to empower bartenders worldwide. 

Shingo Gokan

Founder and representative of SG Group, Shingo Gokan is recognized as one of the leading figures in the current international bartending industry. Gokan grew up and began his bartending career in Tokyo. After moving to New York in 2006, Gokan directed the renowned bar program at Angels Share for ten years. In recent years, Gokan has earned numerous prestigious titles, including International Bartender of the Year at Tales of The Cocktail 2017, Altos Bartenders Bartender in Asias 50 Best Bars 2019. Gokans SG Group won 42 accumulative Worlds/Asias Best Bars awards. Gokan can be found at one of his bars in Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, and Okinawa. 


Dean Callan

Dean Callan currently works as a freelance consultant for both the bar and spirits industries. Dean started his career as a bartender and has worked in a wide range of different roles, from bar management to global brand ambassador. He is a deeply passionate and knowledgeable ambassador to the bar industry, working hard to spread his love for hospitality. Dean, as the Community Director of the United Kingdom Bartenders Guild and the Bartenders Broadcast Network host of Dean Callan show, shares knowledge and inspires professionals from the whole drinks industry. 

Marco Lopulalan

As a Moluccan boy of 18, Marco took his first steps in the crystal factory of Royal Leerdam Crystal. He grew up in the working-class neighborhood of Leerdam, The Netherlands, “behind the pipe.” Marco is like a fish out of water and quickly stands out on the shop floor for his creativity. After training and he became a proud master glassblower. His drive stems from what the profession means to him. After 10 years, he stepped over the threshold; he was gripped by the glass – compare it to falling in love. From then on, he developed a passion for the craft and does everything he can to grow that love. 

Nairi Mehrabi

Nairi Mehrabi is the Marketing Director at Leerdam Crisal Glass. Her belief is that Onis will keep delivering the right glass for each drink and every moment, with keeping a close collaboration with industry experts. This is what the Glassology by Onis Design contest invites drinks enthusiasts to do: creating amazing glass designs with great stories. It all starts with a great idea. 

Nairi is very excited to host the 3rd edition of the Glassology design contest!